FutureFuel Chemical Company is a Responsible Steward of the Environment

Serving the community and environment through responsible operations, energy efficiency, and conservation

Responsible steward of
the environment

Our business leverages industry best practices, technology, and safety protocols to efficiently utilize resources, minimize waste, and create a secure workplace for our growing team. Our sustainability efforts include:

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

We consider energy demands, waste minimization, recycling efforts, and disposal at every stage of our operations.

Responsible Economic Growth

We incorporate safety and environmental protection into our processes when seeking new business opportunities.

Social Leadership

Our employees volunteer time, talent, and raise money to support an array of community initiatives and programs.

environmentally friendly


Lower Carbon Fuels:

59M gallons biodiesel produced in 2023



In 2023, 42.5M lbs of by-products were directed toward reuse instead of treated as waste


Waste Management:

331M lbs of Hazardous Waste was diverted to reuse and recovery in 2023


Responsible Waste Management

We Treat 99.9% Of Our Liquid, Non-Hazardous Waste On Site.



In 2022, we achieved a 6.9% reduction in GHG from baseline reporting year 2021


Water Conservation:

2.4% reduction in amount of Total Freshwater withdrawn from baseline reporting year 2021

Meeting California’s
Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Industry-Acknowledged Responsible Care and Sustainability

“FutureFuel is committed to the principles which advance safe, innovative, effective chemical products, materials, and technologies that are essential to a sustainable future.”

FutureFuel is committed to the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative, which aims to ensure safe, responsible, and sustainable management of chemicals throughout the production life cycle.

The initiative requires FutureFuel to adhere to the highest health and safety standards, protect the environment around its facilities, strengthen security, and enhance emergency preparedness, response, and communication.

FutureFuel pledges to develop and manufacture products in alignment with Responsible Care and Sustainability initiatives, ensuring their safe manufacturing, transportation, and disposal or recycling. Our commitment encompasses advocating for pollution prevention, waste minimization, and the conservation of energy and other crucial resources throughout the entire life cycle of the products.

For more information on FutureFuel’s commitment to HSES, please see the following links:

community & social

From hosting training for emergency preparedness to Cub Scout Camps at the park, FutureFuel is committed to giving back to the community. Our dedication extends beyond the facilities we operate. Employees volunteer their time, talents, and support many worthy organizations and causes to help strengthen the community at the local, state and national levels, such as:

  • Relay for Life
  • United Way
  • Nature Center and Trails
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Angel Tree Program
  • Tackle Hunger
  • Local Back-pack Food Program
  • St. Jude's

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