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FutureFuel Chemical Company in Batesville, Arkansas

Experience, Expertise, Excellence:
A 47-Year Legacy

FutureFuel Chemical Company’s manufacturing facility, with over 500 employees, has a tradition of excellence for development and production of Specialty and Custom Chemicals. FutureFuel has collaborated with both small and large global companies to deliver hundreds of different products in many different industries over our 47-year history. Notable highlights within this timeline showcase our capabilities, diversity, scalability, and enduring commitment to customer satisfaction.


1974: Plans for building a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company are announced in Batesville, Arkansas

1974-1977: Construction of manufacturing facilities occurs in Batesville, Arkansas to produce photographic and organic chemicals

1977: Site produces and ships its first chemical, a photographic intermediate, to Tennessee Eastman

FutureFuel by the decade: 1970
FutureFuel by the decade: 1980


1981 & 1985: Production begins for the 2 longest running products, serving the Polymer Modifier and Coatings markets; these products continue to operate at the site today

1986: First continuous manufacturing product is produced; a material still produced at the site, 38 years later

1988: Production begins for a Detergent Additive in a newly constructed continuous manufacturing facility


1991: Successful start-up is completed for 2 GMP pharmaceutical products

1992: Facilities are expanded to include a second manufacturing facility for production of the Detergent Additive; > 1B lbs of product are produced for this application over 30 years at the site

1992: Production begins for a final active ingredient used in Agriculture, a product later produced for over 20 years at the site

1994: Eastman Kodak Company spins off to become Eastman Chemical Company for production of Specialty Chemicals at Batesville site

FutureFuel by the decade: 1990
FutureFuel by the decade: 2000


2005: Begin batch production of Biodiesel; 2 years later a transition is made to continuous operations with current volumes at nearly 60M gallons

2006: FutureFuel Chemical Company is established in Batesville, AR to produce Biodiesel and Specialty Chemicals

2007: A large manufacturing process in the batch plant begins production; a product for the Energy market still produced with current volumes of 50M lbs

2009: Production of a large continuous process for the Energy market begins; a product still produced with current volumes in excess of 35M lbs


2011: FutureFuel becomes a publicly traded company on the NYSE

2011: Glycerin, from Biodiesel production, is manufactured for several different markets

2013: FutureFuel begins production of an intermediate, along with its starting material, for application in Agriculture, one of several different agricultural products produced over time at the site

2014-2017: Several new and notable products are manufactured in the batch plant for Energy and Paints & Coatings

FutureFuel by the decade: 2010
FutureFuel by the decade: 2020


FutureFuel continues its custom and manufacturing operations to include production of several different products in key markets: Energy, Polymer Modifiers, Dyes & Pigments, Coatings & Adhesives.


FutureFuel is on an upward trajectory for growth. Plans are currently underway for production of several new products in both batch and continuous operations, including a new 15M+ lb product for the Energy segment. With a focus on expanding into new markets and cultivating relationships with both new and existing customers, FutureFuel is positioned for continued success in manufacturing Custom and Performance Chemicals.

ISO Registered Facility

ISO 9001-2015 Certificate


BQ-9000 Producer

National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission


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