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FutureFuel has a long history of producing ingredients that add performance to products used in our everyday lives. We offer a wide range of performance chemicals including bleach activators, chelating agents, polymer additives, surfactants, UV inhibitors, and solvents.

Our Core Competencies:

Using our manufacturing and R&D expertise, FutureFuel has an active new product and application development focus on ingredients that meet emerging needs in a diverse set of markets:

  • Household, Industrial, & Institutional (HI&I) Cleaning
  • Paints, Coatings, & Adhesives
  • Polymer Modifiers
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Personal Care
  • And Many Others
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The commitment to our customers is to deliver high quality ingredients to meet reliable and consistent performance in their branded products.

Historical Connection:

FutureFuel has a reputation of producing performance chemicals that consistently meet or exceed industry standards. Many of the products we currently produce have been manufactured for more than 40 years at our facility. FutureFuel’s success in custom manufacturing has unlocked numerous collaborative opportunities and established us as respected partners across many different markets.

Innovation and Research:

FutureFuel has a dedicated R&D team that continuously explores new opportunities to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements. We have a full range of equipment in our analytical and application labs that allow us to demonstrate performance of our products with internal or industry standard methods. FutureFuel offers comprehensive technical support and provides pertinent information on various aspects of our products: COA, SDS, regulatory guidelines, application performance testing, etc.

A Quick Review

FutureFuel’s performance chemicals are designed to meet the unique performance requirements of various industries. Here is a quick glance at some of the characteristics of our key products:

Increasing dyeability & Stain Resistance

Increasing Dyeability & Stain Resistance

Polymer modifiers added to carpet fibers to increase dyeability and stain resistance.

Improving Vehicle & Wheel Wash Detergents

Improving Vehicle & Wheel Wash Detergents

Ingredient for vehicle and wheel wash detergents for improved removal of brake dust and road grime.

Chelating agent for the removal of rust on surfaces for a “Clean You Can See”.

Rust Removal

Chelating agent for the removal of rust on surfaces for a “Clean You Can See”.

Dual Functionality in Single Detergent Ingredient

Dual Functionality in Single Detergent Ingredient

Detergent ingredient with dual functionality for chelation of hard water ions AND bleach activation of stains in one product.

Surfactant with an improved sustainability footprint

Surfactant with an Improved Sustainability Footprint

Surfactant with a reduced palm kernel oil (PKO) composition that exhibits enhanced degreasing.

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