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FutureFuel is a leader in custom toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals. With 47 years of manufacturing experience, we are a flexible and dependable partner to deliver your company's finished product safely and reliably. FutureFuel’s commitment extends beyond production, encompassing a collaborative approach to ensure our customer’s vision is realized with precision and efficiency.

Process Development

Require a specific solution? We excel in developing processes to meet the individual needs of our customers. A proven stage-gate process allows us to efficiently and effectively evaluate, develop, and implement projects, small and large, in a timely manner.

Process Hazard Evaluation & Scaleup

Safety is a top priority at FutureFuel. We complete a thorough assessment of all hazardous chemicals before beginning any process development. We efficiently scale processes from 1L to 2000-3000 GL to offer seamless transitions from lab-scale to full production.

Custom Manufacturing

We can work with technical packages provided by our customers or we can develop new customized processes to meet your specific needs. Let us help you design, engineer, and scale-up your processes in quantities ranging from thousands to many millions of lbs per year.

Analytical Services
and Quality Control

We offer a full range of services to support process development, optimization, and quality control of products. Nearly all testing is performed in our fully equipped, on-site laboratories to allow faster times to commercialization while maintaining the highest quality that our customers expect.

Environmental and
Sustainability Management

FutureFuel upholds stringent environmental standards, placing a strong emphasis on waste management and conservation of energy and water to reduce our carbon footprint. We actively demonstrate our commitment by working with our customers to design and develop products that can be manufactured, transported, and used in a safe manner.


At every step of the process, FutureFuel actively engages with its customers to ensure a collaborative and transparent process. We work to address each customer’s unique requirements and offer tailored solutions to meet their needs.

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Performance Chemicals

FutureFuel has a line of performance products, under branded names of FutureChem® and FutureSol®, that serve several market applications. Our R&D and Applications Team is actively developing new products to meet emerging and unmet needs in the markets we serve including Detergents, Coatings, Adhesives, Polymers, and Personal Care.

Polymer Additives

This segment showcases various additives designed to offer stain resistance, improved dyeability, metal deactivation, and UV absorption in polymers. These versatile solutions find application in Textiles, Paints & Coatings, and Plastics, offering superior performance across diverse industries.

  • Sulfonated Isophthalic Acid Derivatives:
  • Enhance cationic dyeability and stain resistance of nylon and polyester polymers
  • Heat stabilizer, metal deactivator, UV absorber
  • Various Applications:
    • • Carpet Fibers & Other Textiles
    • • Waterborne Polyester Resins
    • • Wire Cable Coatings
    • • Cellulosic Polymers

Cleaning Ingredients

This segment features several cleaning agents tailored for the Household, Industrial, and Institutional (HI&I) and Vehicle Care Industries. Included are a betaine surfactant, a dual function chelator/bleach activator, and an iron/hard water ion chelator, each delivering powerful cleaning capabilities to enhance performance.

  • Surfactant:
  • Foam booster, viscosity builder, degreaser, Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB) alternative with 50% less PKO content (significantly improved sustainability profile)
  • Various Applications:
    • • Hand Dishwashing
    • • Hard Surface
    • • Kitchen
    • • Bathroom
    • • Vehicle/Wheel Wash
    • • Other HI&I Cleaning
  • Chelating Agent:
  • Iron/hard water ion chelant, colored complex with iron, synergy with thioglycolate ingredients, no odor
  • Various Applications:
    • • Vehicle/Wheel Wash
    • • Rust Remover
    • • Photographic Additive
    • • Cement Accelerator
  • Dual Chelating Agent/Bleach Activator:
  • Unique bleach activator with chelation capability, “2 cleaning mechanisms into 1 additive”, reduces filming and spotting on glassware, cleaning agent for stain removal
  • Various Applications:
    • • Automatic Dishwashing (ADW)
    • • Laundry
    • • Bleach Boosters
    • • Hard Surface
    • • Other HI&I Cleaning

Specialty Solvents

This category comprises solvents with powerful degreasing, emulsifying, and solvency power. Ideal for various applications, including Agriculture Adjuvants, Paints & Coatings, Cleaning Ingredients, and Adhesives, these versatile solvents ensure optimal efficacy for a wide range of industrial needs.

  • Powerful degreasing, emulsifying, and solvency power
  • Various Applications:
    • • Agriculture Adjuvants
    • • Paints & Coatings
    • • Cleaning Ingredients and Adhesives

New Product Development / Applications

This group leverages a diverse range of chemistries to encompass polymer additives, cleaning ingredients, specialty solvents, and beyond. Our approach allows us to continuously craft new products and applications to offer an ever-growing portfolio of forward-thinking solutions.

  • Embraces various chemistries in Polymer Additives, Cleaning Ingredients, Specialty Solvents, Coatings, Adhesives, and more
  • Utilizes expertise to allow customization of our existing product portfolio along with creation of new products and applications.

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Biodiesel Clean, Renewable Energy from the Natural State

FutureFuel launched its biodiesel platform in late 2005 drawing on its 30 year history of chemical manufacturing expertise. Since that beginning, FutureFuel has become the largest producer in the Southeastern United States with an annual production capacity of nearly 60 million gallons. Our biodiesel manufacturing provides a broader scale of operations as well as a strong foundation for sustainable chemistry.

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FutureFuel Biodiesel, Batesville, AR

Markets We Serve

We have applied our experience and know-how as a world-class supplier of custom and specialty organic chemicals to be able to offer our custom manufacturing capabilities to the following markets:

GMP Pharma Intermediates

Polymer Modifiers

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (CASE)

Cleaning Ingredients

Dyes & Pigments

Personal Care & Nutrition

Agricultural Intermediates

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